My ears smell like peonies

Thanks mommy!


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I am the cutest

I’m the cutest pug there is, you know. I just love to cuddle my mommy and daddy – especially on day like today, when it’s gray and raining. It’s like I can read my mom and dad’s minds, they just need and want to sleep in today so I’ll make it easier by cuddling them.

In other news, I met my new girlfriend yesterday. She’s about 10 pounds (half my size, wow!) and has lighter cream coloured fur than me. She is just gorgeous! Her name is Clementine. We met, we kissed, we pawed each other’s faces… I just can’t wait to see her again soon!

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My word, it has been a long time, hasn’t it?

Many apologies to my scores of loyal readers, but I’ve living the pug high life these last few months and have been far too lazy to post. I’m prompted to post today because I’m so very excited that I now have top placement in Google search for the keyword phrase “Herbie the Love Pug” – alas, I am not the only HTLP out there, so it’s nice to be on top. That is all for now, my loyal minions. I’ll be sure to post more often if only to maintain my reign supreme over the internets. MOU HA HA!Herbie

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My Great-Nana Loved Puggies

I just found out that my mommy’s nana adored pugs. She found them adorable. She particularly enjoyed fawn pugs for their glamorous colouring, which was very much in keeping with the style of her era. Her style icon, Coco Chanel, used beige and black as her signature colours, and nana always said if she had a puggy girl she would call her Coco Chanel. Even thought I was born after she passed away, I know she can see my mommy and I playing together somewhere. She must be so pleased, as I am simply the epitome of Chanel style. 🙂 I mean, can you spot the difference between these images below? I know I can’t. HerbieChanel

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Pure Luxury Pug

I am the utmost in luxury

luxury pug

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Egads! The cuteness is unbearable!

Now I know my Herb is as cute as they come, but I near collapsed upon the site of young Pepper:


Sheesh kabob! Thanks Daily Puppy!

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Tonight’s Mischief

1) I stole a bottle of Febreze from the bedroom

2) I beheaded a toy giraffe that mommy had purchased for me and presented to me just tonight

3) I stole the channel changer off the couch

4) Mommy had to wash a patch of grease off my fur that I procured in my urban travels

Ain’t life grand?

Life is grand

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